Powerfully different in Brussel

Do you have a disability and are you looking for support?
Then Hubbie is the place to be!

Our team will gladly advise and assist you. We will help you nurture your talents and provide support wherever necessary.

We offer individual assistance at home, you can reside in one of our housing services and we help you manage your daily life, both inside and outside of Hubbie.

Welcome to Hubbie!
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Individual assistance

You are living by yourself but need support? We will happily help you out!


Are you 18 years or older and looking for a place to stay? We can help you with several options.

Learning, working and leisure

You choose how to spend your days, inside as well as outside of Hubbie. We will support you wherever you find necessary.
  • 'I have become more independent and self-confident because of Hubbie's support'
    Tamara, cliënt
  • ‘We geven niet op wanneer iemand afhaakt’
    Sebastiaan, begeleider
  • 'Begeleiding is altijd vriendelijk, hulpzaam en plezant'
    David, cliënt
  • 'Hubbie is Rock 'n Roll'
    Julie, begeleidster
  • 'Een thuis waar mensen kunnen zijn, wonen en graag gezien worden. Mijn 2e familie'
    Yannick, begeleider
  • 'Lekker eten, vele vrienden en soms naar familie'
    Cindy, cliënt
  • 'De werkplek waar ik thuiskom'
    Mary-Sue, begeleidster
  • 'Eigenzinning, creatief, warm, open-minded,... Bruxellois quoi'
    Celine, beleidsverantwoordelijke
  • 'Ik wou graag iets doen met én voor oudere personen. Hubbie heeft mij in contact gebracht met een rusthuis in Anderlecht'
    Lucie, cliënt
  • 'Samen met de mensen nieuwe dingen leren of iets maken is niet werken, maar ontspannend'
    Arlette, vrijwilliger

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We accept each other.
We value each other’s opinion, time and space.
Bring the mission to life by saying what you do and by doing what you say.
We redistribute the burdens and the pleasures, both within the organisation as within society.
Giving and (loving to) see opportunities, even when times are rough.
Giving and taking, according to one’s capabilities.