I'm looking for support

Do you have a disability and would like support in living, working or leisure? Then you've come to the right place at Hubbie!


Thanks to our extensive experience, we have an extensive range of help for different target groups:

✔ intellectual disability
✔ visual disability
✔ hearing disability
✔ autism spectrum disorders
✔ non-congenital brain injury
✔ motor disabilities
✔ status internment based on disability

No objective determination of impairment is needed, a presumption is sufficient. If you experience some difficulties in different areas of your life and you can't manage on your own, you can ask a question. We will then look together at which help is most suitable. Depending on the support you need and the personal budget at your disposal, we offer guidance from a few hours/week to 24h/day.

Short-term or long-term support? Based on your questions, we make the choice that suits you best.


Dreaming of a new hobby, sport, activity or course?
We support you in this search during an individual programme free of charge.